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The meeting has now begun, and on behalf of the Host Committee and the entire US Electro technical Community, we hope you have a productive meeting and a great visit to Seattle and the Pacific Northwest Region. Below are a few points of information to help make your meeting time more effective.
This is now the biggest IEC General Meeting – EVER! We have almost 2800 delegates and 300 accompanying persons registered for this event. There are 100 TC’s and SC’s meeting with over 400 groups in total. The meeting is supported by 58 General Sponsors and 94 Technical Sponsors, representing a broad cross section of support and teamwork from industry, government, and organizations across the US.
HELP DESKS: The Help Desk is your single point of contact for all needs. In the Convention Center, it is on the 6th floor foyer. In the Sheraton and Hyatt, it is located on in the lobby of each hotel.
SAFETY AND SECURITY: Look Now for the nearest exit and alternate exit to your meeting room. In case of fire or emergency, please evacuate the building immediately. In a medical emergency, please contact Convention Center or Hotel Staff, one of the Help Desks or Dial 911 (or 9, then 911) from any phone.
REGISTRATION: 6th floor foyer of the Convention Center open daily from 8:00am to 5:00pm
TOUR INFORMATION: 6th floor foyer of the Convention Center
NETWORKING (Business) CENTER: Room 6C of the Convention Center. Internet Access is available in the Convention Center and the Meeting Areas of the Sheraton and the Grand Hyatt. Username / Password are on the back of your badge.
MEETING LOCATIONS: Click the meeting tab on this page above OR Displays in the lobby of the Sheraton, Grand Hyatt or 6th Floor Convention Center. Signs for specific meetings will be posted outside the door.
MEETING ROOM ISSUES / PROBLEMS? Contact the HELP desk (Sheraton Lobby, Grand Hyatt Lobby or 6th Floor Foyer) if you need more time, help with heating / cooling, lights, projector, or anything else – Please see the help desk.
NEED MORE TIME? Please do not assume your room is available – some rooms have different groups in the AM / PM. Please respect the times you are scheduled for – The Help Desk will make another room available if you need more time, but please do not assume you can continue to use the room you are in.
FINISH EARLY? If you finish early and do not need to meet the next day or half day, please tell the Help Desk, so we can avoid ordering Coffee for people who will not be there to drink it!
ROOM ETIQUETTE: Please do not rearrange the furniture – We are charged if the staff has to reset the room – Thanks!
COFFEE BREAKS: Located centrally in each facility – nominally 10:30 and 15:30 but beverages available all day.
LAPTOPS AND PERSONAL ITEMS: With about 15 minutes notice, we can lock a room over lunch, HOWEVER – no room is fully secure due to service doors, etc. so we cannot be responsible for laptops and personal items. A check stand for laptops, bags, etc. is available on the 4th floor of the Convention Center at no charge. Information on local restaurants and food places is available in your meeting bag. Please remember to visit our Facebook page (link on your left) where you can upload and share your photos of the meeting. Also, take a moment to visit the TC / SC posters and the National Committee exhibitions in the Networking Center (6C). We hope that you take time to interact with your peers, have a productive meeting and enjoy the Seattle Area. Thank you for your contributions to the technical and management work of the IEC.

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